Some Insights on the Hybrid Style of Art in Petosiris’ Tomb: A Construction during Transition of Powers Era


Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Luxor University, Egypt


The tomb of Petosiris at Tuna el Gabel is one of the monuments that has witnessed a transition of foreign occupations. It includes a hybrid style of art in its decoration and interesting biographical texts of its owners that reflect the relationship of Petosiris with the contemporary foreign powers. Besides, it has a unique intentional architectural design that recalls the style of the temples during the last native rulers of Egypt.This paper investigates the influence of the foreign hegemony on some elements of Petosiris’s tomb. It tries to understand the reasons for its hybrid style of art if it is a natural cultural impact of the occupation, a resilience with the conquerors for personal or national reasons or even an undercover resistance to the foreign occupation. This will be achieved through analyzing the main elements of the tomb. The paper concludes that the hybrid style of the tomb is a natural influence by the globalized Egyptian world and a resilience of Petosiris with the occupiers.