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Submission Format

  • Submissions should have an abstract (not more than 300 words), keywords, introduction, research methodology, findings, conclusions and references.
  • Submitted manuscripts should be written in Times New Romans font (size 12). Only the main heading of the manuscript should be written in font (size 14 bold) and the subject headings in (Bold 12), Text font 12 in a single spaced without any extra spaces between lines.
  • First page should include authors’ information (Name, Title, University, Telephone, Correspondence address and E-mail) to facilitate communication.
  • All paragraphs must be indented except the first paragraph and no space between the subject titles and the following paragraph.
  • Pages of the manuscript must not exceed 20 pages.
  • Title must not exceed 25 words.
  • Keywords must not exceed 8 words.
  • References: The journal is using (APA  6th edition (American Psychological Association) style, please check the following example, and form your references according to the following form: Boughton, M., & Halliday, L. (2008). A challenge to the menopause stereotype: Young Australian women's reflections of 'being diagnosed' as menopausal. Health & Social Care in the Community, 16(6), 565-572. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2524.2008.00777.x

    Use of EndNote, the reference management software, is highly recommended for easy management and formatting of citations and reference lists, the following link is the direct link of Endnote ( Please download the following tutorials and English and Arabic to guide you on how to deal with this software, and unify your reference according to the above-selected style. 

    How to deal with Endnote- English language

-    Table and Figure titles should be written above the table/ figure as follows:

-    Figure 1: Egypt– Tourism Expenditure (US$ Million), 2009–2018

-    Table 2: Travel and Tourism Sector Definitions and source is written below the table/ figure.

  • Web Sites: Websites are written in full and end with the date of last access in two parentheses as follows: (last accessed 21/03/2018). Manuscripts submitted on A4 paper (3 cm from Left, and 2.50 cm for other sides).

    Important Notes

    1- All types of liability related to the articles –published by the Journal– are attributable to the author and/or contributor on his responsibility.

    2- Articles–submitted to the Journal– should not be previously published in any sort or currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.

    3- The articles submitted to the journal should represent a genuine contribution to knowledge, original research discussing a new topic, or dealing with a topic that has been addressed but from a new point of view.

    4- Non-scholarly sources, such as online encyclopedias that are not scientifically reliable and forums should not be cited as reference.

    5- The researcher must cite all the sources used in writing the manuscript, any absence of referring to and/or giving credit to other sources will be taken as a case of plagiarism and would be considered violating the intellectual property of others. This would negatively affect the scientific reputation and credibility of the author, and his/her chance to get any of future work considered by IJTHM.

    6- Submitted papers must be written in English.

    7- Manuscripts should be typed in MS Word.

    Spelling, Grammar, Punctuation, and Inconsistences

    The author is responsible for preparing a manuscript copy, which is clearly written in acceptable, scholarly language, and which contains no errors of spelling, grammar, or punctuation. The editor is not responsible for correcting errors of spelling and grammar.

    Check the paper for the following common errors

    • Dangling modifiers
    • Misplaced modifiers
    • Unclear antecedents
    • Incorrect or inconsistent abbreviations, terminology, and in citing references from one part of your paper to another, and
    • The accuracy of all arithmetic calculations, statistics, numerical data, text citations, and references should be checked.