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Current Issue: Volume 7, Issue 1, June 2024, Pages 1-343 

Evaluating Menu Labeling Application In The Quick Service Restaurant Chains In Egypt

Pages 148-161

Karima Abd-Elbaset Mahmoud; Mohamed Adel Attia; Ahmed Gamal Tager

The Religious Guidance Concept In Ancient Egypt

Pages 210-236

Mohammed Yehia Zakaria; Rehab Mahmoud El-Sharnouby; Hassan Refaat

Reused Chapels In The Third Pylon At Karnak Temples By Amenhotep III

Pages 237-253

Ahmed Rabie Mohamed; Haitham Taher Abdelhafeez; Mohamed Zein

Quick Sparkle Of A God: Horus Of The Camp In The Third Intermediate Period

Pages 283-293

Shimaa Ali Mohammed; Mohammed Zein; Ahmed Mohamed Abo El Magd

The Concept Of Guiding In Ancient Egyptian Social Life

Pages 312-343

Mohammed Yehia Zakaria; Rehab Mahmoud Elsharnouby; Hassan Refaat

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