The Management Perception toward the Concept and Challenges Faces the Food Tourism at Luxor and Aswan Hotels


1 Researcher, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Luxor University, Egypt

2 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Fayoum University, Egypt

3 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Luxor University, Egypt


Food tourism over the last 50 years has consistently expanded and diversified as a key global economic segment. Among many tourist attractions, food is one of the primary reasons to visit a certain area. Therefore, local community has revived the outdated foods and beverages because they are an important attraction for the tourists to be familiar with the local culture and customs. The research aims to study the management perception toward the concept and identify the benefits and challenges that have faced the food tourism at Luxor and Aswan hotels. The current study used the descriptive approach. Data collected were analyzed using SPSS Version 23. The main findings of the current research indicated that concerning the concept of food tourism, the first variable was “Food Tourism is any touristic experience in which the person tries trademarks of different food resources or estimating or consuming them." Where the mean value was (4.42) and the standard deviation was (0.773). The researcher recommends that the important contribution the important contribution of foods and beverages in the tourist activity, incorporation some of the traditional food items is a good idea for the hospitality industry in Egypt.