Peer Review Process

IJTHM is a refereed journal. All articles are evaluated by two referees. The evaluation is done anonymously. Criteria for evaluation include significance in contributing new knowledge, conceptual quality, appropriate methodology, technical competence and clarity.

All received manuscripts will be checked for plagiarism with the Program accredited by the Digital Library at Luxor University. The manuscript will be sent to two reviewers for the double-blind review process. The identity of author/s is not disclosed to the reviewers and vice-versa. On receipt of feedback from reviewers, the editor evaluates the feedback, and the review decision could be one of the following: Accepted, Accept with corrections, or Reject. Note: If the research is rejected from one of the reviewers, it will be sent to a third reviewer.

Normally, the double-blind peer review process takes around 1 month to provide feedback to authors. If the paper is accepted, we will send an electronic version to the authors for corrections (if any). Proofs will be sent to authors after the review process has been completed and alterations attended to by the author/of a said manuscript. These should be corrected and returned to the editor within five working days. Major alterations to the text, at this point, are not permitted. The IJTHM reserves the right to make necessary editorial amendments to the final manuscript to suit the journal’s format. A single complimentary copy will be provided and posted to the authors.