Volume & Issue: Volume 6, Issue 1, June 2023, Pages 1-291 
Evaluation of Luxor Brand Visual Identity: Tourists’ Perception

Pages 1-23

Nesreen Khairy Ali; Wafaa Ahmed Elias; Asmaa Hussein Ahmed

Evaluating the Marketing Efforts for Attracting the Chinese Tourists to Egypt

Pages 24-48

Eslam Nour El-Din; Khaled Soliman Abd El-Halim; Mohamed Ezzat

Does Organizational Health Affect Strategic Flexibility in the Egyptian Travel Agencies?

Pages 79-106

Monika Refaat Alfy; Bassam Samir Al-Romeedy; Fakhory Shohdy Ayoub

Documentation of Intangible Cultural Heritage of the Nubians- Bigeh Island in Aswan as a Case Study

Pages 136-152

Heba Abd Allah Taha; Sabreen Gaber Abd Elgalil; Hassan Refaat Hassan

Analyzing the food safety management programs (HACCP /ISO 22000) implemented in hotels

Pages 168-185

Ahmed Rabee Ibrahim; Michael Magdy Zaki; Ahmed Gamal Tager

Linking Psychological Empowerment to Innovative Work Behavior in Hotels

Pages 186-205

Ahmed Gamal Tager; Michael Magdy Zaki; Ahmed Rabee Ibrahim

The Depictions of the Deities on the Ramesside Private Individuals Statues from the Theban Province

Pages 265-291

Moamen Abd El Jawad El Dardery; Engy Yahia Elkelany; Ahmed Ebied