Evaluation of Luxor Brand Visual Identity: Tourists’ Perception


Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University, Egypt


At the time of fierce competition in the market, only a recognizable brand brings profit. Brand creation is a very complex work as it is vital to include all those contact points with the consumer on which impressions are being formed. What attracts the most attention when a brand is mentioned are the logo, color, and emotion which is being released mentioning a brand name. The purpose of the current study is to measure the perception of tourists toward Luxor's Visual Identity. Moreover, it tried to evaluate the quality of the Visual Identity elements of Luxor (logo, slogan, color combination, and font style). These elements are evaluated as a tool to achieve the goal of the visual identity project, which is to promote Luxor as a brand. A quantitative approach that based on a questionnaire that was distributed to a sample of tourists who visited Luxor. The findings of this paper illustrated that the logo isn’t seen in most of the main streets and suburbs of the Governorate. Furthermore, the slogan is not recognized by most of the sample. Although Luxor's visual identity may present a good impression of Luxor it is not visible enough in Luxor's promotional tools and activities.