Evaluating the Marketing Efforts for Attracting the Chinese Tourists to Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


1 Researcher, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Luxor University, Egypt

2 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Luxor University, Egypt

3 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University, Egypt


The main aim of this study is to evaluate the marketing efforts for increasing the Chinese tourism movement to Egypt. This study depended on mixed approaches by collecting quantitative and qualitative data; questionnaire was designed and distributed to travel agencies, and 10 interviews were conducted with marketing experts and members in the Egyptian Tourism Authority. The targeted population for this study was General Managers, Branch Managers, and Department Heads of Egyptian Travel Agencies (A) in Cairo and Luxor, as (430) questionnaires were distributed by the researcher. The results showed that the marketing efforts are insufficient to attract the Chinese tourism market to Egypt, as there is a shortage in the number of Chinese restaurants, a lack of guiding signs in Chinese language, a lack of Chinese guides, and a lack of e-marketing on Chinese social networking sites such as WeChat. Also, the study recommended that the Egyptian Travel Agencies and the Egyptian Tourism Authority should create an official page on WeChat, and provide Chinese restaurants, guided signs, implementation of a clear strategic plan to target the Chinese market and other important recommendations that can help in developing the Chinese tourism movement to Egypt.