The Impact of Low-Cost Carriers (LCCS) On Arab Tourists’ Purchasing Decision to Travel to Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


1 Researcher, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Luxor University, Egypt

2 Higher Institute Of Tourism and Hotels (EGOTH), Luxor, Egypt

3 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Beni Suef University, Egypt


This paper aims to investigate the marketing strategy of low-cost airlines (LCAs) and evaluate their influence on the purchasing decisions of the Arab tourism market to Egypt. It highlights several aspects related to the low-cost business model that are all interpreted according to their relationship to the purchasing decisions of Arab Tourism to Egypt. The mixed approach methodology was employed to conduct the study with mixed techniques. The quantitative method was represented in the questionnaire that targeted Arab travelers on LCCs, while the qualitative approach was represented in face-to-face and over-the-phone interviews conducted with the managers and employees of LCCs. The results showed and confirmed the impact of loyalty programs, promotions, and low-priced services of LCCs on the purchasing decision of Arab tourists to visit Egypt. They also demonstrated some challenges facing LCCs in Egypt, including high fuel prices and airport services, such as take-off and landing fees, aircraft waiting fees, and providing ground services for LCAs in some airports by national companies only.