God Khery BAQ.F '' Xry bAq .f" In Ancient Egyptian Religion


Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Mansoura University, Egypt


This paper deals with god Khery baq.f who was one of the seven spirits in ancient Egypt Axw sfxw. He was a Memphite tree god. Xry bAq.f (who is under his moringa tree)  was the sixth god in the list of Memphite gods recorded in chamber of Sokar in Seti I 's temple at Abydos.   He was an independent god having his own priesthood during the Old Kingdom, but from The Middle Kingdom he is assimilated with other Memphite divinities, especially god Ptah , as he absorbed into Ptah and the epithet ptH Xry bAq.f  becomes current in the Middle Kingdom on ward .he appears in different forms , as he appeared in a mummy form , ibis headed god , falcon headed god and as a baboon . This paper aims to study this god showing his role in the ancient Egyptian religion, his titles, forms, and his relation to other gods, and places of worship. This research applies descriptive and analyzing methodology. The study resulted in specific important conclusions including the name's forms of the god, his relationship with other gods, in addition to the god’s forms and his function and roles.