The Effect of Perceived Quality on Visitor Satisfaction and Loyalty to Wadi El- Hitan Protected Area

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University, Egypt


The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of perceived quality of Wadi El- Hitan Protected Area's on visitor satisfaction and loyalty. The dimensions of perceived quality, satisfaction and loyalty were measured. The quantitative study depended on a questionnaire distributed to visitors of Wadi El Hitan. A sample of 200 visitors were selected and surveyed through questionnaires. Descriptive statistics were calculated for all dimensions of the research to determine the level of perceived quality after visiting, the level of satisfaction and loyalty for Egyptians and foreigners. Moreover, in SPSS, Pearson correlation was applied to inspect the relationship between perceived quality and visitor satisfaction. On the other hand, it applied to the perceived quality and visitor loyalty to Wadi El-Hitan. Moreover, t-test was calculated to know the differences between the Egyptians and foreigners about the dimensions of the research. The findings revealed that there is a strong correlation between perceived quality and visitor satisfaction and loyalty for Egyptians. Furthermore, there are differences between visitors answers regarding the perceived quality, satisfaction, and loyalty according to their nationality.