The Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic Crisis on Tourism Industry: Current Issues in Tourism Employment

Document Type : Original Article


1 College Of Business Administration, Jazan University, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia & Faculty Of Tourism And Hotels, University Of Sadat City, Egypt

2 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Luxor University, Egypt


The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis on the tourism employment and job sectors are not clear enough and there is still a lack of studies concerning the layoff issues of the tourism workforce. Although the empirical literature is scarce, this research aims and attempts to fill this empirical gap related to tourism recovery, response, rebuild and reopen during COVID-19 dreadful pandemic time (COVID19 4RE). This study explores the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic on tourism traffic, and tourism jobs or employments. Following a quantitative approach relationships, the proposed research conceptual model was implied using PLS-SEM. The data collected from 677 respondents from tourism employees working in Egyptian travel agencies. The results and remarkable findings will provide long-term permanent explanations needed for effective Egyptian tourism crisis management from job perspective. The results revealed significant and confirmed positive relationships among the proposed COVID-19 measured and analyzed nine dimensions including employee's demographic characteristics (gender, age, workplace, position, and career), functional aspects, working satisfying experiences, job prospects, and job intention to leave. The study provides useful guidelines to scientific theoretical contributions, in addition to present intensive values to tourism governmental bodies, tourism industries private players through its managerial and practical contributions.