Hospitality Microentrepreneurship as a Tool for Women's Empowerment in Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University, Egypt


Microentrepreneurship is seen as an enabling factor for women in society. However, women's involvement in entrepreneurship can be confined by various factors, such as social norms, personal circumstances, and entrepreneurial skills. This study aims to explore whether the hospitality sector in Egypt is suitable for female microentrepreneurship, as well as to determine the potential role that hospitality micro-enterprises can play in supporting women's empowerment in Egypt. A qualitative approach was adopted in this study and a semi-structured interview was used for the collection of primary data. The sample included 19 female micro-entrepreneurs in the hospitality field who were personally interviewed by the researcher. Gathered data were written out, translated, checked for accuracy, and then analyzed using thematic analysis technique. The results showed that microentrepreneurship in the hospitality sector, as a manageable, family-friendly, and socially accepted economic activity, can help women in Eastern societies to address the socio-cultural constraints of female entrepreneurship. The involvement of women in hospitality microentrepreneurship has led to the social and financial empowerment of women by improving their family income, improving their position within the family, enabling financial independence, and increasing social awareness of bigger issue. This study adds to the growing literature on the role of tourism and hospitality micro enterprises in supporting underprivileged women.