The Meaning of wda in Coffin Texts

Document Type : Original Article


1 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Fayoum University, Egypt

2 Faculty of Archeology, Fayoum University, Egypt


This paper tackles wDa a diverse and important idiom in Ancient Egyptian Language. This term was known from the Old Kingdom and remained in use till the Roman period. It represented in nature a carpenter tool ( Aa 21). This paper would examine wDa through the Middle Kingdom main religious texts; the Coffin Texts. wDa was mentioned in more than 30 spells with different meanings like (to judge, open, split and cut). This study was based on a number of different textual sources that would explain the different meanings in detail. The aim of the study was to show the prosperity of ancient Egyptian language applied on wDa in coffin texts. The study would follow the inductive and descriptive together with the analytical approaches. The study would scan the various meanings of wDa mentioned in coffin texts and describe it. This would be followed by analyzing wDa (forms and determinatives) along with trying to find the relation between the spells and the meaning of wDa.