Applicability of 720 Degree Feedback Approach As a New Technique for Evaluating Employees’ Performance in Egyptian Travel Agencies

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Luxor University, Egypt


Most companies are competing nowadays in different global markets and their competitive advantage is the human being resource. Thus, measuring employees’ performance become an essential tool for developing these companies and obtains high productivity. Several methods are used for evaluating this performance in different organizations and 720 degree feedback performance appraisal is one of them which is considered an “all- round” appraisal. It is a recent tool that evaluates the employees’ performance from more than one side: manager, colleagues, subordinates, customers and himself. It is introduced when employees’ performance is measured, analyzed and targets are set after the first appraisal, then it is repeated again after a period of time to get a proper feedback that ensures the organizations’ employees have achieved the target. It is essential for improving the overall employees’ performance and ensuring that the prospect of the organization with its employees and customers are met. The objective of this research is to study the possibility of applying 720 degree feedback as a new technique for evaluating employees’ performance in Egyptian travel agencies. It is conducted on a random sample of (52) travel agencies located in Cairo and Giza governorates. There were (331) completed questionnaires have been collected from travel agencies’ employees. The results indicate that applying the 720 degree appraisal will lead the travel agent to achieve its goals and targets more effectively. The overall findings show that applying this system in evaluating employees’ performance at these travel agencies is possible. The study recommended that they are advised to apply this system and it is also necessary to increase the employees' awareness of its importance.