Unpublished Votive Stela from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo (CG34058)

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Mansoura University, Egypt


This paper is a publication of a votive stela preserved in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo under number CG 34058 (Plates 1, 2). According to the Museum Catalogue, the stela goes back to the New Kingdom, belongs to the so-called Nfr Mnw and was found in Abydos by A. Mariette. It is divided into three registers. The first one depicts the sun-disk with a single wing balanced by a single WDAt eye. The second register represents the owner of the stela Nfr Mnw standing in an adoration position in front of God Osiris, who himself is sitting on his chair in front of an offering table. Whereas the third register portrays his family members: his wife and his three sons sitting in front of an offering table. The stela is in a good condition as well as its colors.