Sustainable Balanced Scorecard: A New Approach To Vision And Implementation Of A Sustainable Strategy In Egyptian Travel Agencies

Document Type : Original Article


The Higher Institute Of Tourism Studies And Hotel Management, (Egoth), Luxor


Balanced scorecard is a system and a tool that helps efficient use of resources available for the organization while enabling to avoid most of problems. This system is one of the advanced management techniques for clear definition and communication of strategy and resources of the company as well as directing personnel efforts towards its implementation. Balanced scorecard can be considered as a bridge to implement sustainability strategy and link corporate sustainability objectives with actions and performance outcomes.  The aim of this study is to highlight the importance of integrating the environmental and social perspective in the balanced scorecard, that helps achieving the sustainability element in the travel agencies strategy and improving the administrative performance as well as achieving a sustainable competitive advantage for travel agencies. A questionnaire was distributed to a sample of employees at travel agencies at Luxor to measure their perceptions of the application of Sustainable Balanced Scorecard in their institutions. The questionnaire was divided into a set of key variables measured on a five perspectives - Likert scale to determine the participants' position of the study variables. For content validity the survey was piloted on a sample of 15 travel agencies which contain 160 employees. The questionnaire was modified according to the respondents' comments with 157 employees positively participating from 160 staff questionnaire forms. The results show that: In applying performance to travel agencies through the five perspectives described in the study, the awareness is growing among staff of the importance of sustainability aspects(economic, environmental, and social).The study suggested some recommendations and paid attention to establishing effective relationships with potential future staff as well as key stakeholders and focus on using technology so that a sustainable strategy can be implemented in travel agencies in Luxor