Internships In Tourism And Hospitality: An Analytical Study Of The Impact On Students’ Knowledge And Skills

Document Type : Original Article


Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Fayoum University, Egypt


Tourism teaching plays an important role in supporting tourism development. It ensures the continuous supply of quality of human resources to meet the overpowering industry requirements.  To channel the gap between students’ academic experience and the requirements of employers, most of tourism and hotel academic enterprises provide internship agenda. The internship has become an essential component of almost all hospitality programs worldwide.
Internships support a real-work practices to students that looking for exploring or acquiring related to knowledge and skills required to be involved in a career area. Internships are of a relatively short term with the primary focus on getting some training and taking what has been learned in the theoretical lectures and applying it to the real world. The internship should be a chance for the students to gain entry to a certain establishment.
This research aims to examine the effect of internship agenda on students’ knowledge , attitudes and skills. It explores the benefits and challenges of internships in the tourism and hospitality sector, and how these affect students’ desire to work in the career in the future. The population of this study includes students of faculties of tourism and hotels in Nine public universities in Egypt.