The Foreign Influences on Egyptian Private Statuary during the Persian Period “27th &31st Dynasties”

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1 Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University, Egypt

2 Researcher, Faculty of Tourism and Hotels, Minia University, Egypt


The most beautiful thing in the Ancient Egyptian art since its first ages until the late ages is that its features are determined and distinguished all along the ancient Egyptian civilization. It has been marked with the unity of character even if it was differed over the different history phases. Each phase had a special artistic style that accorded with that phase, but the Egyptian general style is like a comprehensive framework that includes many units which are consistent in generalities and differ in particulars.
The researcher noticed that the phrase "foreign influences" was used a lot in the studies which dealt with the Egyptian art during the late period especially under the foreign rule of Egypt, therefore it was suggested to shed light on the foreign artistic influences during the late period under the reign of Persian rulers which began exactly with the start of the Twenty Seventh Dynasty. It is one of the ambiguous periods in the ancient Egyptian history, maybe because the researchers haven't studied and analyzed it enough. So, we don't have a complete work which defines the foreign influences on the ancient Egyptian art during that period. 
The aim of this study is revealing the powers which affected the artistic changes that contributed in the progress of artistic works in that period, because the foreign influence during that period is one of the important aspects which largely affected the Egyptian civilization in general and the Egyptian art in particular.