Turtle (Demon or Guardian) a Study In Particular Magical Wands

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Sinai High Institute of Tourism, Egypt


The Ancient Egyptians believed Turtle was capable of harm and help, it occupy a clear important place within the Ancient Egyptian demonology, as a turtle-demon and a turtle-guardian. During the Middle Kingdom, Turtle-demons were depicted on objects especially wands. While, later during the Late and Greco-Roman periods we begin to note an enlarging of some apotropaic gods whose special mission is to control the aggressive powers of demons. Turtle is comprised of those guardians who keep watch over the deceased on the coffins, or even in the form of statues of turtle-headed guardians.
This article is based on a set of wands, some of them found in tombs may have been specially made to protect the deceased, and to be used to defend himself against demons using the large number of the creatures among them are turtles. This procession of demons is held mythological responsible for stranding the Solar-barque in the Nile River.