Volume & Issue: Volume 4, Issue 2, December 2021, Pages 1-321 
Green Human Resource Practices: Implementation Level in The Egyptian Travel Agencies

Pages 1-26

Mostafa Farghaly; Sabreen ‎ G.‎ Abd Eljalil ‎; Michael Zaki

Assessing The Non-Aviation Services for Optimizing the Dwell Time Spent by Air ‎Passengers

Pages 27-48

Taisser Zokaim Mohamed; Sabreen ‎ G. Abd Eljalil ‎; Khaled Soliman Abd El Halim ‎

Assessing The Implementation of Principles for Responsible Tourism at The ‎Egyptian Museum

Pages 67-97

Christeen Gerges Aziz; Sabreen Gaber Abd Eljalil; Nesreen Khairy Ali

Scenes Of Tomb Owner’s Offerings to Ancestors in The New Kingdom Private ‎Theban Tombs

Pages 125-152

Abd El-Azeem Kamel Soliman; El Tayeb Sayed Abbas; Haitham T. A. Sotohy

Investigating The Effect of Food Safety Practices on Hotels Performance: Drivers, ‎Perceived Benefits and Challenges

Pages 243-264

Ahmed Rabea Ibrahim ‎; Michael M. Zaki ‎; Farida Mohamed Megahed; Tamer Mohamed Abbas

The Impact of Customer-Centric Marketing on The Customers’ Retention in The ‎Egyptian Hotels

Pages 265-302

Ayda Fayez Saber; Sabreen G. Abd Eljalil ‎; Michael Zaki; Tamer Mohammed Abbas